Broadcast TV Reel

Since 1994, 10ten Studios has been providing hundreds of ENG crews for out of state production companies, network affiliates, cable network producers, webcasts, and production company producer's in the film industry.   We've told the untold story for entertainment news, international news, sporting news, public relations, and advertising agencies from around the globe.

Our veteran ENG crews are equipped with gear that's portable and made specifically for electronic news gathering productions.  When a network discovers that there's a breaking news story in Detroit, capturing and cutting it together requires a news crew with story-telling experience, time management skills, and the ability to capture the assignment, without sacrificing the integrity of the story.  

News worthy stories can happen with little to no notice.   We've been around long enough to understand that news breaks with little to no notice.  Every minute counts.  That is why we have an ENG gear ready crew on standby 24/7.  Multiple crews, multiple formats, anywhere, and anytime you need them.​ That's what we do.



STUDIO: 248.223.9300

AFTER HOURS LINE: 248.444.2045



  • Camera & DP 

  • 4 channel audio mixer

  • Sennheiser 416 shotgun mic. /boom pole

  • 2 lavalier microphones

  • 2 Lectrosonic wireless microphones

  • 1 EV RE-50 hand held microphone

  • 1 Portable monitor

  • 1 Sachtler fluid head/tripod

  • 6 fixture light kit with 2 soft boxes

  • Production Vehicle


  • Producers / Directors / 

  • Audio Techs / Production Assist.

  • Grip

  • LED 12v lighting packages

  • Steadicam

  • Slider

  • Jibs

  • Crane

  • Drone​​

  • Teleprompters