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tony gorkiewicz
Video Production Services by Tony Gorkiewicz
Porfolio of Anthony W. Gorkiewicz  |    248.444.2045

The Portfolio of Anthony W. Gorkiewicz

Creative Director | Producer | Director of Photography | Videographer | Photography | Editor 
Website & Graphic Design | Animator | Project Manager | Studio Manager | Social Media Marketing 

Compilation Reel of Anthony W. Gorkiewicz


It's a beautiful thing when a passion and career come together.  Through digital media, I tell stories, presenting solutions to whatever the problems may be.  I inform those who ask questions, teach those who seek to learn, and help make the unknown, known, by creating brand awareness.  When it comes to communicating a message to your target audience, verbally or written, through a photograph, video, or film, if you do so in a way that emotionally touches, moves or inspires them, you will gain a fan for life.   Whether it's through a news story, corporate marketing piece, documentary, training film, or a conversation face to face, every person, business, and organization has a story to tell.  That's where I come in. 



Nothing sells an audience more effectively than the words from someone that lived, used, or has experienced it!