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Why Video?

Why Video?

BECAUSE DIGITAL VIDEO CONTENT IS EVERYTHING!  It's what the world craves.  Every moment, event, brand and person has a story to tell.  However, it's just not enough to tell a story through video.  If you want to attract new customers, it requires more than posting your video on your website, TV, and social media if you want your phones to start ringing.  When it comes to launching your brand, a new product or service, you need a strategy that is designed for Multi-Screen digital marketing placement on business websites, email marketing campaigns, social media, broadcast TV,  and everywhere your customers spend time watching videos. 

Why video works statistics 10ten Studios Loveland Colorado

DIGITAL CONTENT VIDEO is the #1 way consumers get their information online today through  online advertising, search engines, social media, video streaming services, and websites. Consumers no longer get their local and international news from a newspaper, nor read entertainment magazines to keep up

with trends, sports and fashion.  Today, consumers can watch and hear it on their desktop or mobile devices.  People only remember 20% of what they hear, 30%

of what they read, but when combined

in a digital media video, the percentage jumps to a 70% memory retention of what they had seen and heard.

Consumer Sales Funnel

Consumer Pyramid Sales Funnel.png

   Viewership (stats according to Comcast / effectv Spring 2022

  •    CABLE NEWS viewership is up 93%

  •    TV VIEWERSHIP as a whole is up 8%

  •    DAYTIME TV viewership is up 19%

  •    CABLE TV viewership makes up 62% of all TV Viewership

  •    VOD (Video On Demand) up 43% (non-skippable ads)

   Benefits of SEO Optimized Videos:   

  •    INFLUENCES viewers to purchase a product or service by 90% 

  •    DELIVERS a higher SEO ranking by 80%
  •    INCREASES the viewers comprehension by 74%
  •    GROWS Customer Brand Loyalty by 40% 
  •  CREATES higher click through rate than any other form of media
  •    VIEWERS  retain 70% of video messages and only 30% of print messages
  •    RAISES Brand Awareness by 139%

"You must match the way you market your products, with the way

your prospects learn about and shop for your products"

                                                                                                             - Brian Halligan

Why use Video?
Let us help you INCREASE sales
Play Video

Let us help you INCREASE sales

9 Out of 10 Consumers Prefer Watching Video
Play Video

9 Out of 10 Consumers Prefer Watching Video

Why use video on your social media and website?
Play Video

Why use video on your social media and website?

"Authenticity, honesty, and personal stories underlie

much of what is successful on the web today."

                                                                                           - Rick Levine

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5 Things to Define Prior to Producing a Video

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. We say that a moving picture is priceless. 

Creating a professional video production that tells your story begins by defining the following:

  1.  Your Industry

  2.  Target Market

  3.  The Problem to Solve

  4.  Type of Video You Want to Produce

  5.  Style that Works with Your Message


We encourage you to explore the variety of video projects on our website. Our goal is to inspire you with a glimpse of what's possible when you incorporate 10ten Studios'creative video production team into the marketing plan for your organization.  


      Types of Video       

        Styles of Video       

Nothing great and long-lasting is built overnight,

but you MUST take the first step NOW.

- Dan Gilbert

Types & Styles
5 Things to Define When Making a Video
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